John Lawton
The Unfortunate Englishman
Read by Lewis Hancock
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Having shot someone in the chaos of 1963 Berlin, Joe Wilderness finds himself locked up with little chance of escape. But an official pardon through his father-in-law Burne- Jones, a senior agent at MI6, means he is free to go. His newest operation will take him back to Berlin, now the dividing line between the West and the Soviets. When the Russians started building the Berlin Wall in 1961, two ‘Unfortunate Englishmen’ were trapped on opposite sides. In 1965 there is a plan to exchange the prisoners on Berlin’s bridge of spies. But, as ever, Joe has something on the side, just to make it profitable. A thrilling tale of Khrushchev, Kennedy, a spy exchange … and 10,000 bottles of fine Bordeaux.

9 CD s
OCD 1057 • 978-178433-732-2

2 MP3CD s
OMP 1057 • 978-178433-768-1
Playing time: 10hrs 20mins

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