Grégoire Delacourt
The First Thing You See
Read by David Thorpe
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General Fiction

Arthur Dreyfuss is a young mechanic at a garage in the little community of Long, France. He has a small flat and leads a simple life. So, imagine his surprise when he opens his door one evening to find a distraught Hollywood starlet standing before him. But although feigning an American accent, this woman is not all that she seems. For her name is actually Jeanine Foucamprez – and her story is very different from the glamorous life of a star. Arthur is not all he seems, either; a lover of poetry with a darker past than one might imagine, he has learnt to see beauty in the mundane.

4 CD s
OCD 993 • 978-178433-566-3

OMP 993 • 978-178433-602-8
Playing time: 4hrs 32mins

This audio book contains strong language and/or explicit scenes

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