Gwyneth Rees
Cherry Blossom Dreams
Read by Clare Corbett
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Sometimes, something happens in your life that changes everything. When Sasha was six, her dad died suddenly and the world changed forever. Now she’s 12 it feels like things are changing all the time: her twin brother hardly talks to her any more, her mum’s dating a teacher from school, her best friend Lily keeps going on about boys ... and Sasha doesn’t feel ready for any of it. The one place she can escape to is Blossom House, her secret place – an old, echoey, overgrown, beautiful, empty mansion. There’s just one problem: it isn’t hers. And even a house can have secrets ...

Interest age 9+

5 CD s
COCD 386 • 978-178433-531-1

COMP 386 • 978-178433-543-4
Playing time: 5hrs 53mins

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