Rob Stevens
Would the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up?
Read by Robert Nairne
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Stanley ĎCarrotí Harris is ginger, tubby and definitely not cool. And he has a secret: heís adopted. This makes him feel like heís never quite fitted in. On his 13th birthday, he receives the one thing heís been waiting his whole life for: a card from his long-lost birth mother, asking to meet up. But Stanley isnít sure; what if heís a big disappointment to her? So he hatches a plan. Heís going to need a stand-in Stanley, someone who is handsome, sporty and Godís Gift to Mothers. What Stanley doesnít realise is heís about to have the most confusing time of his life. Just who is the real Stanley Carrot?

Interest age: 11+

5 CD s
COCD 362 • 978-178433-337-9

COMP 362 • 978-178433-348-5
Playing time: 5hrs 43mins

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