Pete Johnson
The Vampire Bewitched
Read by Madeleine Brolly
Price: £25.00 CD / £25.00 MP3CD (all prices +VAT)
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Marcus isnít an ordinary 13-year-old: heís a half-vampire, with incredible special powers. And together with his friends Tallulah and Gracie, he hunts and fights a totally evil enemy: the deadly vampires, who are out to destroy all humans and half-vampires. But something strange has happened to Marcus. Heís lost his memory, and canít remember anything about his previous life as a vampire hunter. Tallulah and Gracie are seriously worried. Could it have something to do with the weird new horror shop thatís just opened up in town...

Interest age: 9+

4 CD s
COCD 359 • 978-178433-244-0

COMP 359 • 978-178433-256-3
Playing time: 4hrs 18mins

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