John Dougherty
Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face and the Badness of Badgers
Read by Robert Nairne
Price: £19.00 CD / £19.00 MP3CD (all prices +VAT)
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Winner of the Great Kerfuffle Best Book of Last Tuesday. Come and join our intrepid heroes Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face on their highly dangerous and nail-biting adventure (or it may just be mildly perilous!). Oh, and there might be a few dodgy badgers hanging about too ... Meet the funniest collection of characters ever known to mankind in this stupendously hilarious book that will make you laugh your socks off, and quite possibly your ears too.

Interest age: 7+

2 CD s
COCD 353 • 978-178433-238-9

COMP 353 • 978-178433-250-1
Playing time: 1hr 20mins

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