Roddy Doyle
Read by Stephen Hogan
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When Uncle Benís Dublin business fails, Gloria and Raymond realise that something is wrong. So when the children overhear their granny saying that the Black Dog has settled on Benís back and he wonít be OK until itís gone, they decide theyíre going to get rid of it and they set out on a midnight quest to hunt it down and chase it away. But loads of other children are searching for it too, because the Black Dog is hounding lots of Dublinís adults. Together the children manage to corner the Black Dog ... but will they have the courage and cleverness to destroy the frightening creature?

Interest age: 9+

What the critics say:

ĎAn uplifting book with lots of fine Doyle wití Ė Daily Telegraph

3 CD s
COCD 351 • 978-178433-236-5

COMP 351 • 978-178433-248-8
Playing time: 3hrs 19mins

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