Rumer Godden
Black Narcissus
Read by Jilly Bond
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General Fiction

In the Himalayas, the old mountaintop palace shines like a jewel. When it was the General’s ‘harem’, richly dressed ladies wandered the terraces; music floated out over the gorges. Now, the General’s son has bestowed it on the Sisters of Mary who set about taming the gardens and opening a school and dispensary for the villagers. They are dependent on the local English agent of Empire: Mr Dean. But the implacable emptiness of the mountain, the ceaseless winds, exact their toll. When Mr Dean says bluntly, ‘This is no place for a nunnery,’ it is as if he foresees their destiny ...

What the critics say:

‘A remarkable and beautiful book’ – Daily Telegraph

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OCD 841 • 978-178433-050-7

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Playing time: 7hrs 57mins

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