Andy Briggs
Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior
Read by Garrick Hagon
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When a baby gorilla is snatched from its family by the world’s most infamous hunter, Tarzan will stop at nothing to track him down – crossing the wild jungle and hostile African savannah to bring him to justice. But Robbie has ideas of his own. He has formed a plan that will get rid of Tarzan for good, and keep the secrets of his own past safe. Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior brings the classic story bang into the 21st century.

Interest age: 9+

What the critics say:

‘The Andy Briggs reboot of Tarzan is one of the best updates I can recall seeing of any classic series’ – The Bookbag

5 CD s
COCD 333 • 978-0-85735-974-2

Playing time: 6hrs

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