Julia Jarman
Make Friends Break Friends & A Friend in Need
Read by Joan Walker
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Daisy has two best friends, Phoebe and Erika, but they don’t get on. Erika thinks Phoebe’s feeble and Phoebe thinks Erika’s a bully. Daisy has a plan to get her two best friends to like each other, but suddenly everyone is against her! In the second book in Julia Jarman’s Friends series Daisy and Phoebe are worried about Erika – she seems really quiet and is avoiding them. Erika is good at everything, and has loads of friends. If it wasn’t Erika they’d be worried she was being bullied, but who would bully the most popular girl in school?

Interest age: 7+

What the critics say:

‘There are plenty of issues worth discussing’ – Books for Keeps

2 CD s
COCD 330 • 978-0-85735-971-1

Playing time: 1hr 43mins

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