David Michie
Conflict of Interest
Read by David Thorpe
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It's the job offer of a lifetime: 120,000 a year, a top-of-the-range BMW, and the chance to work with charismatic sportswear billionaire Nathan Strauss. But on the very day that Chris Treiger celebrates his new job with Britain's most powerful PR firm, Nathan Strauss falls to his death from his ninth-floor hotel suite. Chris now finds himself reporting to Nathan's brother, Jacob, and his sinister spin doctor. Meanwhile, Chris's former lover Judith Laing, who is investigating the death of a financial analyst, discovers he was on the point of revealing damaging evidence about Chris's new bosses. Chris refuses to believe her until another death occurs.

What the critics say:

'When it comes to writing about the world of PR skulduggery, Michie is an insider trading on his strengths'
The Times

12 CD s
OCD 094 • 978-1-84648-189-5

Playing time: 14hrs 45mins

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