Alan Glynn
Read by John Cormack
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A Wall Street investment banker Read by Angus King is shot dead while jogging in Central Park. Then one of the savviest hedge-fund managers in the city is gunned down outside an Upper West Side restaurant. Are these killings part of a coordinated terrorist attack, or just coincidence? Investigative journalist Ellen Dorsey has a hunch that it’s neither. When an attempt is made on the life of another CEO, the story blows wide open ... The search for Lizzie
takes Frank and Ellen from a quiet campus to the blazing spotlight of a national media storm – and into the devastating crucible of a personal and a public tragedy.

What the critics say:

‘Gripping and cleverly constructed thriller ... eerily prescient’ – Belfast Telegraph

9 CD s
OCD 769 • 978-0-85735-899-8

Playing time: 11hrs 11mins

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