Emily Diamand
Ways to See a Ghost
Read by Joe Coen
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The ghost put his hands together in prayer or pleading, his fingernails withered and cracked. ‘We need you, Isis Dunbar’. Isis is the daughter of a fake psychic. But unlike her mum, Isis really can see ghosts. When a terrifying creature escapes from the dark places that even spirits fear to go, Isis realises that it puts everyone she cares about in grave danger. Will her powers be enough to protect them? And who will protect Isis?

Interest age: 9+

What the critics say:

‘Diamand’s plotting is adept, and she excels at the perennial comedy of showing how childish and selfish adults can be compared with children’ – The Times

7 CD s
COCD 321 • 978-0-85735-938-4

Playing time: 8hrs 3mins

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