Andrew Rosenheim
Keeping Secrets
Read by Peter Marinker
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A young boy is hiding for his life, having witnessed a brutal murder. Thirty years later Jack Renoir makes his living discovering other people's secrets but makes sure he keeps his own. However, falling in love with English oil consultant Kate Palmer, and moving to England with her, exposes his fragility. The reappearance of Kate's old boyfriend and her apparent involvement in a high-tech trading scam means he is drawn into a murky world he thought he had left behind. Renoir is forced to confront the horrors of his past in order to ensure a future with the woman he loves.

What the critics say:

'There are sharp twists and turns, with shocking revelations; the pace is fast, the prose lean'
Guardian Unlimited

11 CD s
OCD 090 • 978-1-84648-185-7

Playing time: 13hrs 30mins

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