Dan Scott
Gladiator School Book 1: Blood Oath
Read by Sean Ruttledge
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Young Lucius’ life is suddenly turned upside down, leading him to seek answers amongst the slaves and warriors who work and train at Rome’s gladiator school. When his father is accused of being a ruthless government informer, the ‘Spectre’, and disappears, Quintus takes the dreaded Blood Oath and vows to become a gladiator. But while Quintus risks his life in the arena, his brother Lucius must fight for their survival behind the scenes, plunging himself into danger and mystery. Where has their father gone? Why has he abandoned everything he once stood for? And what is the meaning of the coded messages that Lucius has been receiving?

Interest Age: 9+

3 CD s
COCD 310 • 978-0-85735-873-8

Playing time: 3hrs 33mins

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