Siobhan Rowden
The Revenge of the Ballybogs
Read by Jack Hawkins
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Finally free of devious bogles, Barnaby Figg and his parents
are working happily at Granny Hogsflesh’s Pickle Factory. But when
Barnaby’s mum goes missing along with the pickled remains of Belchetta Ballybog, it can only mean one thing: the bogles want
revenge and they’re determined to bring down Granny Hogsflesh once and for all. The mission to rescue mum from the depth of the bogle’s bog is packed with sticky situations, bogle family secrets,
dangerous beetroot, the interfering Ladies Pickled Institute, and more disgusting pickles than before.

Interest Age: 9+

4 CD s
COCD 306 • 978-0-85735-869-1

Playing time: 5hrs

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