Tracey Corderoy
Monsters, Mayhem and a Sprinkling of Crumbs!
Read by Lucy Symons
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Martha, Otto and Scarlett Crumb, their Aunt Beastly and her pet boar Basil, have got something that belongs to the ruthless criminal gang, The Unstoppables, who will stop at nothing to get it back! When Aunt Beastly takes the children up to Scotland so she can deal with an emergency on her boar farm, The Unstoppables are hard on their heels to get their mastermind scrapbook back. For their cover, the gang must take part in the local highland games whilst the
children try to keep the scrapbook hidden. Let the mayhem begin!

Interest Age: 9+

2 CD s
COCD 305 • 978-0-85735-868-4

Playing time: 2hrs 30mins

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