Jane Robins
The Curious Habits of Doctor Adams
Read by Kate Lee
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In July 1957, the press descended in droves on Eastbourne. An inquest had just been opened into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Mrs Bobbie Hullett. She died after months of apparent barbiturate abuse – drugs prescribed by Dr John Bodkin Adams. The inquest brought to the surface years of whispered suspicion that had swept through the town. The doctor’s alarming influence over wealthy widows had not gone unnoticed – it was rumoured that the family doctor had been on a killing spree that spanned decades and involved 300 suspicious cases ...

What the critics say:

‘Written with economy, elegance and wit’ – Financial Times

8 CD s
OCD 709 • 978-0-85735-785-4

Playing time: 9hrs 45mins

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