Jane Johnson
The Sultanís Wife
Read by Jonathan Oliver
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Historical Fiction

Morocco, 1677. Tyrannical King Ismail resides over the palace of Meknes. Nus Nus, slave to the King and forced into a life of servitude, is sent to the apothecary. There he discovers the bloody corpse of the herb man, and becomes entangled in a plot to frame him for the murder. Meanwhile, young Alys Swann is captured during her crossing to England, where she is due to be wed. Sold into Ismailís harem, she is forced to choose: renounce her faith or die. An unlikely alliance develops between Alys and Nus Nus, one that will help them to survive the horrifying ordeals of the Moroccan court.

What the critics say:

ĎAn irresistible page turner Ė I loved ití Ė Barbara Erskine

15 CD s
OCD 706 • 978-0-85735-782-3

Playing time: 14hrs 30mins

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