Jonathan Buckley
So He Takes the Dog
Read by Richard Burnip
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On a beach in southern England a dog returns to its owner with a human hand in its mouth. The hand belongs to Henry, the homeless eccentric who has been wandering south west England for the last 30 years. A local policeman and his colleague, in piecing together his movements prior to his death, uncover an extraordinary life. But as their investigations also shed light on their town, the story of Henry, and those who tell it, begins to affect the policeman's own life in ways he never expected.

What the critics say:

' ... a testament to the power of the modest, the gracefulness of the still'
Patrick Ness, Guardian Unlimited

'Buckley is a talented verbal painter, with a fine eye for detail'
New Statesman

11 CD s
OCD 079 • 978-1-84648-174-1

Playing time: 13hrs 25mins

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