Guy Walters
The Real Great Escape
Read by Richard Burnip
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In early 1942 the Germans opened a top-security prisoner-of-war camp. Called Stalag Luft III, it soon contained some of the most inventive escapers ever known. They were led by Squadron Leader Roger Bushell who masterminded an attempt to smuggle hundreds of POWs down a tunnel built under the noses of their guards. The escape would come to be immortalised in the famous film The Great Escape, but in this book Guy Walters takes a fresh look at this
remarkable event and asks what was the true story?

What the critics say:

‘Walters’s description of the build-up to the breakout makes nail-biting reading’ – Guardian

11 CD s
OCD 699 • 978-0-85735-342-9

Playing time: 13hrs

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