Alys Clare
The Rose of the World
Read by Charlotte Strevens
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Historical Fiction

Autumn, 1210. A year ago, King John was excommunicated – and now his men have come to take over Hawkenlye Abbey. Abbess Caliste, Helewise’s successor, worries how she is to feed the nuns under her care, let alone conduct her good works. Meanwhile, Helewise has moved into Hawkenlye Manor with Josse, and
their lives are full of family and warmth. But after a visit to St Edmund’s Chapel, Helewise’s 11-year-old granddaughter, Rosamund, goes missing – and soon all that they hold dear is threatened ...

What the critics say:

‘Appealing characters, an unusual plot, authentic period detail, and plenty of unexpected twists make this Hawkenlye novel a sure thing for fans of medieval mysteries’ – Booklist

8 CD s
OCD 684 • 978-0-85735-715-1

Playing time: 9hrs 30mins

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