C. C. Humphreys
The Blooding of Jack Absolute
Read by David Thorpe
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Historical Fiction

London 1759 and Jack Absolute's life is easy. A scholar at Westminster School, a master with cricket bat or billiard cue, he has both a girl he worships and a courtesan teaching him the ways of the world. Yet he plans to give up all carousing and begin a new life if he can just stay out of trouble for one night ... After duels, battles, frantic escapes and a brutal winter in a Canadian cave, the schoolboy will vanish and a man appear. To come of age, Jack Absolute must be blooded.

What the critics say:

'As swashbuckling as a young Errol Flynn, languidly escaping death with the ease of a teenage James Bond, this is a roaring adventure ... the finest series of historical novels since O'Brien'
The Good Book Guide

'... brilliantly combines meticulous research with a breakneck pace and a terrific sense of humour
Historical Novels Review

10 CD s
OCD 118 • 978-1-84648-258-8

Playing time: 12hrs 20mins

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