Sheila Quigley
Nowhere Man
Read by Tim Bruce
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General Fiction

A family which rules the world. A group of women no one would suspect. A diabetic girl on the run. DI Mike Yorke never mixes work and play – but his latest case on Holy Island has come a little too close to home. Aunt May is in a coma. Street kid Smiler is seeing doom at every turn. Childhood friend Dave is obsessively praying. The Drugs factory has been broken up, the enslaved children rescued and the monastery restored to the monks. Mike should be moving on to the next case, but the horror of that night won’t leave him alone. He thinks he’s seen the worst. He has no idea what’s still to come...

5 CD s
OCD 680 • 978-0-85735-746-5

Playing time: 6hrs 15mins

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