Cathy Kelly
The Honey Queen
Read by Amy Creighton
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General Fiction

In the beautiful town of Redstone – the shops and cafes are full of cheerful hustle and bustle. And amidst all this activity, two women believe they are getting on just fine. Francesca’s boundless energy helps her to take everything in her stride, while Peggy, has always been a restless spirit. But now she has opened her own knitting shop. It’s a dream come true, but she still feels adrift. When Australian-raised Lillie returns to Ireland, she is drawn right into the heart of Redstone’s community. But what she thought would be an ending is actually just a beginning ...

What the critics say:

‘Entertaining, moving and as vivid as a screenplay’ – Irish Independent

10 CD s
OCD 669 • 978-0-85735-340-5

Playing time: 12hrs 40mins

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