Helen Moss
Adventure Island: The Mystery of the Whistling Caves
Read by Angus King
Price: £21.00 CD (all prices +VAT)
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When Scott and Jack Carter have to stay with their great aunt for the summer they steel themselves for the most boring holiday ever. But then they meet Emily Wild and her loveable dog, Drift. Emily shows them the lighthouse, the castle – and the amazing whistling caves. Legend has it that when the caves stop whistling the castle will be attacked – and that’s exactly what happens!

What the critics say:

‘With references to hoodies, rock bands and computer games, this is a fun reworking of a winning formula and a great recommendation for any reader in search of adventure’ – The Bookseller

3 CD s
COCD 263 • 978-0-85735-731-1

Playing time: 3hrs 25mins

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