Timothy Knapman
My Uncle Foulpest: Teacher Trouble & Dinosaur Disaster
Read by Steven Alexander
Price: £21.00 CD (all prices +VAT)
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Wally just wants to be an ordinary, normal boy living an ordinary, normal life – then his uncle Foulpest comes to look after him. Foulpest is an ogre. He means well, but he just can’t help causing chaos – whether it’s accidentally sending Miss Nutkin through the roof at the school parents’ evening or employing some dubious elves to clean the house in time for a sleepover ...Wally has chicken-pox and is desperate not to miss his best friend’s birthday party – and Foulpest knows how to make him better. Unfortunately, though his magic medicine gets rid of Wally’s spots, it has a surprise side-effect ...Wally has grown a dinosaur’s tail.

3 CD s
COCD 253 • 978-0-85735-724-3

Playing time: 2hrs 41mins

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