Fiona Campbell
Death of a Salaryman
Read by John Chancer
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When Kenji, a Japanese salaryman, loses his job at a TV corporation on his 40th birthday, he slips through to a different layer of society. In this shadowy world he meets a curious collection of characters – a travelling salesman with a passion for Elvis, a pachinko pro with dreams of returning to Hawaii, and a TV producer who will stop at nothing to get his big break. With their help, Kenji sets off on a roller-coaster ride of misadventures in this wonderfully surreal, yet painfully real, story.

What the critics say:

'…an absolutely brilliant first novel' - Kate Saunders, The Times

'Kenji is the kind of luckless dreamer it's hard not to root for'
– The Observer

12 CD s
COCD 115 • 978-1-84648-255-7

Playing time: 14hrs 17mins

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